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To facilitate international orders, we've listed here all our products for the Helix. Just let us know – via Email, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger – which Product numbers you'd like.

If you're paying via PayPal, there's a surcharge of about 5%. It is cheaper to pay via Bank Transfer (no surcharge) or Western Union (fees start at around 1US$). Wise (formerly TransferWise) seems to be the cheapest method, if you need information about it, let us know.

Worldwide shipping starts at around 4,50 US$ for small items. Most can be shipped for 8-12 US$. Express shipping is available on request.
Stainless Steel Muffler Connector, Reinforced
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No. 1 – 73€
Full Kit

Includes everything in the picture

No. 2 – 61€
Without copper studs and nuts

(Shipping of this kits to USA is usually 10€, around 8€ to Europe and most countries)

For lots of details,
click here (links to facebook)

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No. 3 – 12€
Set of Studs and Nuts for Muffler Connector
Stainless Steel, with Allen-tip.
Compatible with standard and with the ALöTech Stainless muffler connector

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No. 4 – 6€
Single Gasket between connector and muffler for ALöTech Stainless Muffler Connector ONLY
please specify your Serial Number if ordering separately, since the inner diameter varies between Series 1/2 and Series 3 or higher.

No. 5 – 9€ for 1, 8,50€ each for 2, 8€ for 3 or more
Single Gasket between connector and muffler for Original Honda Specification
To be used with the original Honda muffler connector.

Hardened 440c Stainless Steel Engine Bushings
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No. 6 – 68€
Full Kit
includes left and right bushings and 4 heavy-duty, better than OEM O-Rings.
Worldwide exclusive! made out of hardened stainless steel, the same used for stainless steel bearings, and then milled to crazy exact specs.
To be installed and lubricated just like the original Honda parts. Freezing the outer bushing overnight makes the installation a lot easier!

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No. 7 – 10€
Replacement O-Rings for Engine Bushings
Heavy duty material, sturdier than the original Honda parts

Carburettor Bracket, Stainless Steel
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No. 8 – 68€
Full Set
Significantly prolongs the life of the fragile carburettor intake. Absolutely compatible with all original Honda parts. Quite easy to install. Everything needed is included in the set.
Laser cut out of 304 Stainless Steel, very exact tolerances, reinforced. Based on the original Honda parts, which are not longer available. Utilises a standard vibration damper instead of the Honda rubber part, which is actually a mounting point for Honda cars radiators!

Instrument Panel Replacement Buttons
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Replacement buttons for the -often lost- original speedometer buttons. 3D printed out of pigmented flexible resin, very though, UV resistent, waterproof.
Can be installed for the outside without speedometer removal. Simply place over the hole and press!
These are designed in a way that they won't come loose due to vibrations AND they very effectively avoid water from reaching the fragile, expensive and hard to replace internal components.

No. 9 –
4 Buttons Set

No. 10 –
3 Buttons Set

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