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To facilitate international orders, we've listed here all our products for the Helix. Just let us know – via Email, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger – which Product numbers you'd like.

If you're paying via PayPal, there's a surcharge of about 5%. It is cheaper to pay via Bank Transfer (no surcharge) or Western Union (fees start at around 1US$). TransferWise is being prepared as an option, let us know if you're interested.

Worldwide shipping starts at around 4 US$ for small items. Most can be shipped for 8-10 US$. Express shipping is available on request.
Stainless Steel Muffler Connector, Reinforced
Stacks Image 68

No. 1 – 74€
Full Kit

Includes everything in the picture

No. 2 – 62€
Without copper studs and nuts

(Shipping of this kits is usually 10€)

For lots of details,
click here (links to facebook)

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No. 3 – 12€
Copper studs and nuts
For standard or ALöTech Stainless muffler connector

Stacks Image 22

No. 4 – 6€
Single Gasket between connector and muffler for ALöTech Stainless Muffler Connector ONLY
please specify your Serial Number if ordering separately, since the inner diameter varies between Series 1/2 and Series 3.

No. 5 – 9€
Single Gasket between connector and muffler for Original Honda Specification
To be used with the original Honda muffler connector

Stainless Steel Engine Bushings
Stacks Image 77

No. 6 – 60€
Kit includes left and right bushings and 4 O-Rings

Stacks Image 29

No. 7 – 10€
Replacement O-Rings for Engine Bushings
Heavy duty material, sturdier than original the Honda parts

Instrument Panel Replacement Buttons
Stacks Image 40

No. 8 – 22€
4 Buttons Set

No. 9 –
3 Buttons Set

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